Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Specialized Demos Days Coming to Smithville Trails

The first official day of Summer kicks off on June 20th, so we here at Epic Bike and Sport figured we'd kick start Summer 2012 off right and bring out a big truck full of all of Specialized's fun toys to play on. So on Wednesday, June 20th from 2-7, we're coming to Sailboat cove with the Specialized Demo truck with all kinds of goodies to get you giddy like a kid on Christmas.

If you've been thinking about a new bike, come on out. If you haven't, come on out. If you just like riding other people's sweet and expensive bikes, come on out. They'll have a good selection of all the bikes from Epics to Stumpy HT's for the boys, and Fate and Safires for the ladies. Lots of Sworks too, so you can ride the best of the best from the Specialized lineup.

If you haven't come out to a demo day before, basically you show up, sign a waiver, give them id and credit card, then go and ride whatever bike you wish. That whole credit card thing is just in case you love the bike so much you decide to rail T-N-T out the back way and never come back. These bikes will sometimes make you do such craziness. 

Hope we can see you out!

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Stephen said...

Great... I will be there!
What a great resource... the Smithville lake trails.