Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ol' Grandad

The Ol’ Grandad reroute is open, complete and ready for your riding, running or hiking pleasure. Today we finished up the southern section of OGD (the old Olive Garden area) and a short reroute of WTT extending it a little further North.  This moved Intersection 15 (OGD/WTT) a hundred or so yards North of where it once was.  We also did a little repair work to the forked tree on the Pulpit Trail.    

Today's Crew:

Mark Ruehter 
Steve Rice 
Tim King
Rich Bowman
Seth Bowman
Grayson Bowman
Kelly Peitzman
Neale Shour   

Thanks guys for getting it finished up!

Many or most of the SMV crew at some point has worked on this major reroute and I'm thankful to all of you.  

You guys are the best crew in town!! 

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