Monday, December 17, 2012

Gates closed = Single Track Dirt Trails Closed

Hey folks!

This is a tough time of year for the single track dirt trails due to the weather.  Typically we see the most trail damage done at this time of the year just because some folks don't understand that using damp and muddy trails is not OK.  Just because it is 60F in December doesn't mean that the trails are ready to ride/hike/run.  If you see these wooden gates near the trail head closed that means that ALL of the single track dirt trails are closed (they now have "SINGLETRACK TRAILS CLOSED" signs on them too).  If you are using the asphalt trails and happen to run into folks using the single track when these gates are closed, please give them a friendly reminder that all the single track is closed due to poor trail conditions.

The most typical times that are OK to use the trails at this time of year is early in the morning when it is well below freezing.  Generally the trails will thaw in a few hours after sun rise.  It is very common for the air temperature to be 20F, but with the sun shining on the black dirt the trails will thaw and become muddy and unusable.  It's up to every user to be aware of the changing conditions and only use the trail system when the conditions allow.  

Also, please note the big "TRAILS OPEN" sign near the bulletin boards at the trailhead are for the paved trails only.  The gates and signs mentioned in the previous paragraph and pictured below are the control points for the singletrack.

This information can be found via a twitter feed on the Earn Your Dirt website as well.

With everyone's help we can all work on keeping our trails systems in tip top shape through the winter and spring. 

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