Monday, November 7, 2011

Great ERTA Workday - Thanks Everyone!

We had excellent weather and a turn out of about 12 trail volunteers for our first official workday this fall.  Nothing starts a workday off like a box of Ray's Donuts.  Thanks Aaron! 

With dry conditions the choices of items to work on were limited.  The rain earlier in the week helped to make the ground a little more pliable to work with, but it was still pretty hard.  The areas that were chosen to work on have been problem areas, but major undertakings to fix correctly due to the size of the materials needed to make the fixes work.  Half the group took on the walnut log feature on Lakeside Speedway affectionately known as "Shish Ka Bob's Log".  The other half fixed the "Pulpit" stairs. 

Pulpit log improvement

The finished product on Lakeside. The work crew gives it a thumbs up approval since the old crossing cost TW a few pins in his thumb earlier this summer.

 Part of the Pulpit crew putting the final touches on the keystone in the stair rebuild.

Both of these locations have been sites of trail vandalism.  In fact the log on Lakeside had been moved off the trail again on Saturday evening or Sunday morning just before the workday. We have made the request many times for trail users to either ride the feature that is on the designated single track or get off their bikes and walk over them.  We are hoping that the enhanced and improved features will be enjoyed by all and not be compromised by trail vandals.

Remember that all ERTA trails are built and maintained by a 100% volunteer effort.  Thanks again to all the volunteers that came out to give back to the trails that we enjoy all year.

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