Friday, July 8, 2011

Vandalism Hits Our Trails

At least three acts of vandalism have hit our trails! There is a good chance that all are unrelated, but that is just speculation.

1) On the singletrack trail section known as Lakeside Speedway a large log crossing was removed. Authorized volunteers returned it to it's place and it was moved again. This was not just a small log, but rather a very large log (took 3 adult men to move it back) with smaller logs on either side that were wired in place to the larger center log.

2) Numerous medium to large rocks were dugout and remove from the trail tread on Lakeside Speedway (our count was over 35) and even more on Neale's trail. These rocks were part of the trail makeup and part of the challenge of riding these trails. Also, their absence will likely create the potential for erosion issues that will have to be addressed by more volunteer hours.

3) The vehicle gates at Smoke and Davey Trailhead were severely damaged Wednesday 7/6 after 10 pm.

If you have any information that can help identify the responsible parties please contact the County Rangers at 816-407-3400.

As a reminder, the singletrack (dirt trails) are 100 percent built and maintained by a well-organized and structured volunteer team under the direction and authority of Clay County Parks and unauthorized trail work and/or modifications is strictly PROHIBITED!

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