Thursday, August 27, 2009

SpiderFest a great Success

The head count was very close to 100. We didn't get an exact count with people still out riding, changing, milling around smartly, etc. If didn't make it up, you missed a good one. Wow pretty much sums it up.

We raised $386 for ERTA. THANK YOU!

I've got a lot of people to thank which is always a great problem to have. The people that volunteer to make this type of stuff happen is just amazing.

Just a quick shout out to:

Clay County Parks - Thank you so much for allowing us access for trails as well as letting us host events every year

Platte Valley Bank - Lynn Horner Thanks for the HUGE grill and grilling since I was running around probably more than I was helping. Thanks Geoff for stepping up for the last round of burgers. Mmmmmm cheese!

In-A-Tub - Aaron Beeman Thanks for ALL the meat, stuff to go on it, cheese, napkins, utensils, I'm sure there was more

Paci's Cafe - Joe Thanks for some excellent beverages (around 140 some). Holy cow!

Paceline Products - Chris Thanks for the Chamois Butt'r and some other give aways

Smithville Trail Crew - You know who you are and you know what you have done to make it all happen. A special shout out to Steve Rice for the tractor time to mow the fields/trail. He still keeps coming back even with all the thorns in the tires he has to have repaired. Tim K - awesome salsa and trimming. Many others from the group that brought food and worked last week to make the trails awesome for last night.

The Trail Nerds - Bad Ben & Company Thanks for the homebrew and making it more than just an MTB ride. Glad to be able to partner up with trail runners and have both groups involved with the trails.

Earthriders MTB Club - Without members this stuff just wouldn't happen. Memberships help fund fun stuff like this, volunteer to make it happen and promote the sport.

I'm sure I missed something or somebody. Shout out if you can think of any I missed.


Friday, August 7, 2009

SpiderFest 2009!

Be Sure Not to Miss SpiderFest!
Mountain Biking, Trail Running,
Good Food and Good Folks.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Unauthorized trail changes.....

The Pulpit trail is one of the more difficult (black diamond) trails at Smithville lake. We do not have a lot of technical features at SMV so the few we have are very important to maintain the "dignity" of the trails. Someone has been modifying the rock stairs that you cross over on the Pulpit trail (removing the lower step, creating a ride/walk around). Yes, this is a bit of a challenge to ride a bike over, but it is supposed to be! If you can not ride the step, keep practicing, you will get it. If you are too nervous to try, get off and walk, that's okay too. But please do NOT modify the trail and "dumb it down", we like to have a little challenge out there!

I am hopeful that I am just preaching to the choir here and it is actually not a person that frequents these boards. I normally find these type of things are done by people who think they are "helping" us out by "fixing" these places. All of the trails are designed and laid out with specific end goals for the intended user groups. Black Diamond trails are designed to be difficult.Unauthorized modifications to any trail can be considered vandalism so PLEASE don't do it. If you feel something is dangerous (yes, riding a mountain bike,running trails or hiking, on or off road, is an inherently dangerous activity!), PLEASE contact me or any ERTA representative. We take great pride in our trails and have a VERY dedicated group of volunteers that put in hundreds of hours every year to offer you a quality riding, running or hiking experience! Please help us out by not modifying the trails.